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There's plenty to do

Discover endless fun and excitement at By Brothers Family Park! Our Farm is packed with a variety of activities suitable for all ages, making it the perfect destination for a day out with family or friends.

Tractor Farm Track

3,2,1 Go! Fun family theme park for the whole family! Older siblings ride alone while the little ones (less than 30kg) can relax and enjoy their ride on the back seat while mom or dad does all the hard work.

Corn pit

Dive into fun in our Corn Pit! Say goodbye to the ordinary sandbox and hello to an extraordinary adventure. Our Corn Pit is filled with clean, soft corn kernels, providing a unique sensory experience that's sure to delight. Perfect for kids and kids-at-heart, it's a playful escape that guarantees smiles all around.

Explorer’s Aviary

Experience the largest private aviary in the United States! Marvel at a stunning array of birds including Macaws, Turacos, and Fantasy Pigeons. Plus, don't miss the chance to interact with our friendly cockatoos. It's a bird lover's paradise where colorful feathers and cheerful chirps create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Petting farm

Discover the joy of our petting zoo, the perfect family day out! Meet a charming array of animals at our petting farm, including camels, alpacas, donkeys, goats, cows, emus, ostriches, tortoises, miniature horses, bunnies, and more.

 Petting farm - Recreational Agritourism Activities

Train Rides

Train rides are available throughout the day. Hop on the Loro Express or the Toucan Express and enjoy convenient stops at various activity locations around the park. These trains offer a fun and easy way to explore all the attractions we have to offer.

Pony Rides

Treat your little ones to a delightful adventure with our pony rides! It's a unique and gentle experience that's perfect for young children, offering them the joy of riding and bonding with these friendly creatures in a safe, supervised setting.

Jump Pad

Leap into fun on our giant jump pad! This family-friendly attraction is perfect for sharing joyful moments with loved ones. Bounce your way to happiness and make lasting memories as you enjoy the exhilarating sensation of freedom and laughter together.

Camel Rides

Experience the unique thrill of camel rides right here at By Brothers Family Park, the only place in South Florida where you can embark on this exotic adventure! Availability is limited, so be sure to book your ride today


Aim, shoot, and win at our Target Paintball! Perfect for all ages, this safe and exciting game provides a competitive atmosphere where you can test your skills and aim for prizes. Whether you're coming with friends or family, our paintball setup is designed to offer everyone a thrilling experience. Gear up for some action-packed fun and show off your sharpshooting talents


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