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Our Story


Our Story

The story of By Brothers Family Park goes back to the Matanzas province of the island of Cuba. Nelson and Víctor, raised in a close family and under the influence of Grandfather Lorenzo, who was the leader of the entire family, the brothers grew up with the concept that nothing beats a family environment. The grandfather was their main teacher, from whom they learned values ​​such as honesty, responsibility, work and passion for the business world. At a very early age, they began to sell the products obtained from the family farms in order to help with household expenses. They quickly realized that to fulfill their dreams they had to emigrate from Cuba.

The brothers jumped into the sea in June 2002, with nothing but dreams and yearning for freedom for themselves and the entire family they left behind. After several unsuccessful attempts, they fortunately made it to the United States and with their hands empty and their hearts full, they began to work harder than ever to make all their sacrifices count. In order to start their own business, they started growing and selling plants in Homestead. Just a few months later they opened their own nursery. 

A few years later, the brothers bought a property on Krome Avenue, for which no one imagined much of a future. However, both being ordinary men, with extraordinary vision, they began to work to create more than just a fruit stand, or a restaurant, but rather an environment for the enjoyment of the whole family. By Brothers starts out as a small juice, smoothie and fruit stand. Later came the delicious and typical Cuban food that distinguishes them. Little by little they began to expand thanks to the hard work of the whole family. Currently By Brothers is an icon of nature with unparalleled views and landscapes located in Miami-Dade Florida, it has a petting farm with tortoises, emus, ostrich, goats, cattle and a donkey that has accompanied us on the journey from the beginning. A free-flying aviary with more than thirty-five species of birds. And incomparable outdoor activities for the enjoyment of the whole family that include pedal karts, corn pit, obstacle course, a huge jump pad, two trains that take you around the property, and more activities coming soon. By Brothers Family Park is a dream come true. What started out as a small idea has grown into the biggest attraction on Krome Avenue and the largest recreation complex in South Florida. Our dream does not end here, the future of By Brothers is to continue offering a place for the enjoyment and recreation of all families.


We are thrilled to announce that By Brothers Family Park has been honored with a proclamation from Miami-Dade County, officially declaring January 17 as By Brothers Day. This prestigious recognition was signed by District Commissioner Kionne McGhee, Chairman Oliver Gilbert, Vice Chairman Anthony Rodriguez, and Miami-Dade County Mayor Danielle Levine Cava.

This proclamation is a testament to our commitment to the community and our efforts to create a meaningful, family-friendly environment. We are deeply honored to be recognized as an icon in the community and to have our contributions acknowledged in such a significant way.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Miami-Dade County officials and to all our visitors and supporters who have made this possible. Join us as we continue to provide exceptional experiences and make lasting memories for families in our community.

By Brothers Day - January 17

Our Mission

By Brothers Family Park's mission is to provide a family-oriented atmosphere where excellent service and a diverse array of entertainment set us apart. Designed for families to enjoy together, By Brothers Family Park is a farm where parents and children can have fun and engage in unique experiences that blend entertainment with learning about nature and its wonders. At our family park, we recognize that all our visitors are guests of honor, and it is our mission to always prioritize the enjoyment of the entire family.

Our Vision

By Brothers Family Park's vision is to become the premier entertainment and learning destination for family days out. At By Brothers, we are committed to meeting the needs of our community and becoming an icon of the city through our variety of activities. We aim to transform the way children have fun by incorporating outdoor activities and direct contact with nature.


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